What Do Columbia County Republicans Stand For?

"Electing people who support smaller government and lower taxes, retaining existing private sector jobs and seeking new opportunities to create a sustainable tax base are on my agenda."

I said this before being elected to the position of Chairman. Since being elected the irresponsible actions of the NYS legislature, controlled by our opponents, has brought us closer to being a failed state and financially bankrupt. This is becoming more apparent day after day and has reached all levels of government. Locally we have been better than most at controlling our expenses in spite of State and Federal mandates.

Most people agree that our government is out of control and feel that this is the year to unseat tax-and-spend politicians.

The Columbia County Republican Party stands for: smaller government, lower taxes, individual responsibility and private sector jobs in our County, our State and our Country. We have prospered as a nation based on these principles. It is how we achieved the highest standard of living in human history. It is how we reached the pinnacle of human freedom.

In recent years we have watched what has been attained begin to slip away. It is now time to change the direction we are headed. With your help and support we will overcome the obstacles we face and restore the principles that our forefathers defined.

Support your local GOP.


Greg Fingar, Chairman